The Vocal Acoustic Monitor

A vocal booth in your gig bag!

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The Vocal Acoustic Monitor (clear shown)

VAM® fits most microphones, including the Shure SM 58, Audi Technica, Peavey PVI and many more.

The Vocal Acoustic Monitor™ can be use with or without a microphone and with or without external monitors.


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Hear yourself as others do...anywhere.

The Vocal Acoustic Monitor captures your voice and delivers the true sound to your ear simultaneously.

The VAM, when used in training, helps you and your vocal coach achieve incredible results. Learning to maintain pitch is easy with The Vocal Acoustic Monitor.

VAM promotes vocal health by helping prevent strain on your voice.

VAM helps block external noises and does not promote feedback when on a mic.

Three ways to use The Vocal Acoustinc Monitor for singing:

1. Handheld - the clarity of a vocal booth in the palm of your hand.

2. Hands Free (below)- Attach the VAM to a microphone stand with a with a butterfly clip at the rubber plug or at the center rib.

Attach the Vocal Acoustic Monitor at the plug or in the center.

3. Mounted (shown at left)- Attach the Vocal Acoustic Monitor to a microphone by removing the windscreen, slip on the VAM and reattaching the windscreen.

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The Vocal Acoustic Monitor is a great addition to your microphone department. Every musician can use it and it has a great floor display. When your vocalists recognize the practicality, they will certainly consider taking one home too!

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